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【lol比赛竞猜软件-英雄联盟赛事外围-英雄联盟s10下注】IDC has issued a Q4 report on shipments of what they call smart connected devices, a category that includes desktop PCs, notebook PCs, tablets and smartphones.国际数据公司(IDC)早已公布了第四季度报告,所列了所谓“智能相连设备”的出货量。这个品类的设备还包括台式电脑、笔记本电脑、平板电脑和智能手机。



Total shipments last quarter came to 367.7 million units, IDC estimates, with most of the growth in tablets (up 78.4% over 2011) and smartphones (up 46.1%), while desktop and laptop PC shipments shrank (-4.1% and -3.4%, respectively).国际数据公司预计,智能相连设备第四季度总出货量超过了3.677亿部,快速增长主要集中于在平板电脑(2011年下降78.4%)和智能手机(下降46.1%),而台式和笔记本电脑出货量则呈现出负增长(分别为-4.1%和-3.4%)。Apple (AAPL) lost the No. 1 spot to Samsung in this years survey, but the race was closer than it might have been if it werent for the raft of new products Apple shipped last quarter.今年的调查表明,三星(Samsung)早已打破了苹果(Apple),沦为第一。


然而,倘若不是去年第四季度苹果新品的大量销售,双方之间的差距就会像现在这样相似。After falling well behind Samsung early in 2012, writes IDCs Bob ODonnell, Apple came roaring back in [the] final quarter of the year thanks to its latest hits – the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini – and reduced the market share gap to less than a single percentage point. The question moving forward will be whether or not Apple can maintain its hit parade against the juggernaut of Samsung.国际数据公司鲍勃?欧唐纳写到:“鉴于2012年初与三星较小的差距,苹果在去年最后一个季度凭借新宠iPhone 5和iPad Mini卷土重来,并将市场份额差距增大至将近一个百分点。今后的问题在于,苹果的一枝独秀的产品策略否需要抗衡三星的机海战术。


”Almost lost in the race for first place is the fact that Others, with a 44.7% market share last quarter, dwarfed both Samsung (21.2%) and Apple (20.3%).头把交椅的争夺战完全令人忙于他陈,但事实上,“其他品牌”在此次调查中44.7%的份额近超强三星(21.2%)和苹果(20.3%)。NOTE: We have been critical in the past of IDCs methodology, given that they never explain how they can compare sales numbers that Apple releases with shipment numbers that Samsung doesnt. But even IDC was mystified by a report issued last week by CitiCorps Glen Yeung that misquoted IDC to make Apples tablet sales look worse than they were. According to IDC, Apple led the world in Q4 2012 with a 44% tablet market share, not the 38.8% that Yeung reported.录:我们过去仍然十分注目国际数据公司的统计资料方法,因为这家公司根本没说明过他们是如何较为苹果发布的销售数据与三星未发布的出货量。但是,花旗银行(CitiCorp)格兰?杨上周公开发表的一篇报告甚至让国际数据公司也陷于了疑惑。